Energy Storage at Home and Beyond

Renewable energy has more than enough potential to meet the world’s daily energy needs every few minutes. With PV alone, we get enough sun every 13 minutes and 20 seconds to meet the world’s energy needs all day, every day.

So why don’t we use more renewable energies and leave the fossils in the ground?

The problem is that renewable energy is feast or famine. Either we have way more than we need, or we don’t have enough.

Storage is the key to effectively using renewable energies. When we think of energy storage, we usually first think of batteries. For electronics, we think of AA penlight batteries or smaller. For solar, we might think of golf cart batteries. But there is so much more to energy storage to day, and the possibilities for tomorrow are astounding.

This presentation was made to the Alabama Solar Association on August 15, 2017. We hope it will help ypu understand energy storage technologies and possibilities.

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