Site Survey

Why do I need a site survey?

I would love to have solar panels on my roof. As a past President of Alabama Solar Association and current President of AES, I really should “walk the talk.”  As a father and grandfather, I am very concerned about the state of our country that we are leaving to future generations. As a Professional Engineer (PE) and a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), I recognize the rate at which we are depleting our non-renewable resources. As a septuagenarian, I have experienced three energy crises:

  1. 1941—World War II, Japan attacked America over access to oil.
  2. 1973—OPEC shut off oil as a political weapon of war.
  3. 2011—Demand for oil is rising rapidly, supply of oil is running low. Oil has to be retrieved from increasingly inaccessible and expensive places, and too much oil comes from people who don’t like us very much.

shadeUnfortunately, my home faces almost exactly 45 degrees from true north; see the view looking true south from my roof to the left. The only two roofs suitable for solar face southeast and southwest. Both roofs are shaded with tall trees, only a few of which are on my lot and could be cut. Most of these trees are on a neighboring property. Cutting the neighbor’s trees would be difficult, if not impossible. My home is not ideally suited for rooftop solar. However, since taking that photo, I have benefited from a noticeably lower utility bill by blowing new insulation in the attic and replacing the pictured hail-beaten, asphalt shingle roof with an light-colored, Energy Star metal roof. A site assessment could quantify just how well or how poorly solar panels and other energy improvements will perform at your home.

Affordable Energy Solutions can visit your home or business. We can tell you just how well solar can work for you and where it will work best. If your location is not ideally suited, we can offer potential remedies.